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At Queen City Marketplace in Downtown Staunton, Virginia, you will find fudge, cookies, cakes, THE Cookbook, and Feeling Smitten Bath Products (they look like real cupcakes, but are bath bombs) for your ease in finding that special something for a last minute gift. 
"Give the new bride a sexy cookbook and a Feeling Smitten bath cupcake for her new life as a wife."  She'll love the recipes and will be grateful she found her Mr. Right!
"What's REALLY Cookin' in the Kitchen" also available at Bookworks, 101 West Beverley Street, Staunton, Virginia.
 We all know cakes and fudge are not the best choices to maintain a good weight.  In this day and time we struggle to reach the nutritional goals that came naturally when we ate more natural things grown at home.
To compliment your desire for the less preferred intake of sweets, why not try some Xango?  It's the juice of the whole mangosteen fruit which is the most potent antioxidant available.  Just one ounce taken three times a day can dramatically change your health.
Brochures and CDs are available.  Just send your health concerns and name and address to or sign up to be a distributor at
Featuring a wide
selection of cakes, fudge
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